Tuan A. PHUNG Esq.

Executive Vice Chairman & Secretary General
The Vietnam Association of Financial Investor – VAFI


Mr. Tuan A. Phung is among a few professional business lawyer in Vietnam who are well‐trained and extensively worked in both law and business.

Mr. Tuan Phung possesses a vast experience in practicing business laws in supporting corporate clients in various field from M&A, Banking to Capital Market, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Commercial and Investment Dispute Settlement. His experiences in law and involvement with the management of international business provide him a unique qualification in consulting both as a business executives and a legal expert. He created the “In‐house Counsel Service™” and various specialized legal services for Multinational Business in Vietnam.

Before founding VCI LEGAL, Mr. Phung was the founder of the Corporate Legal Department for UNILEVER in Vietnam. Since the early days of economic liberation in Vietnam, Mr. Phung had practiced with COUDERT BROTHERS, the oldest law firm in the United States and DEUTSCHE BANK one of the most respected global financial institution.