Tasos Stavrou

Group Sales Operations Manager&China and Asia Manager
Aristo Developers


For the last ten years Tasos Stavrou has gained extraordinary experience in the real estate industry through the demanding positions and roles he has maintained on a national and international level.  Based in Cyprus, Tasos is the Group Sales Operations Manager, and China and Asia Manager of Aristo Developers – Cyprus’ most reputable property and construction developer.  His diverse and extensive knowledge of real estate has inspired Tasos to broaden the Company’s horizons, by establishing and managing overseas operations across the globe.  In his capacity as General Manager for China and Asia, Tasos has motivated a team of professionals to achieve both common and personal goals.  His strength in building strong and dedicated teams within the workforce has led to extraordinary and innovative results.

Tasos’ diversity is evident through the string of qualifications he holds.  Further to his key-position at Aristo Developers, Tasos Stavrou is also an International Board Member of FIABCI and is the currently serving as FIABCI Young Members World President.  He is also a recipient of a FIABCI award for his exemplary performance in the real estate sector.

Tasos has assisted and hosted real estate students of different ethnicities, wishing to undertake internships within his Company.  Tasos believes that students of real estate play a vital role in contributing to the economy of the world, thereby ensuring a better future for all.

Tasos has also been endorsed by a plethora of accredited professionals from the real estate sector.  He is highlighted as a well-trained and experienced candidate for any type of real estate exchange.