Matthew Lourey

Managing Partner
Acclime Vietnam


Matthew is an Australian Chartered Accountant, and has resided in Vietnam for over 16 years. As the founder of the practice which later became Acclime Vietnam, Matthew has been advising foreign investors on how to enter and exit Vietnam, and for remaining compliant at all times. Matthew’s current practice areas include corporate and cross border taxation, investment and enterprise laws and company formation, accounting and financial reporting, and transaction advisory and support.

The transfer of funds into, and out of, Vietnam is a large part of the compliance and advisory environment that Matthew advises on, including the intricacies of State Bank registrations and Ministry of Planning investment approvals. This includes structuring for repatriation, and understanding requirements and processes to achieve this, from an early stage.

Matthew has extensive experience working in Australia for Big 4 accounting firms and investment funds, and since Matthew relocated to Vietnam, he spent much of his time advising foreign investors on successfully undertaking business in Vietnam, corporate investment transactions, market entry and corporate finance. He also currently sits on a number of boards in Vietnam, advising as an independent non-executive director.

Matthew graduated from Monash University, Australia in 1994 with a Bachelor of Commerce, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Australia in 1997. He has previously held the positions of President, Treasurer and Director at the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, and sits on the Human Resources Sub-Committee at the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.